About iNet Expert::

iNet Expert is a liquidation, asset recovery company specializing in the redeployment and recycling of used computers, used laptops, used monitors, all networking equipment, telecom and related peripherals. iNet Expert offers disposition solutions for international companies removing existing technology. We strive to assist organizations in addressing the environmental risk associated with information technology reuse, recycling, and disposal.

iNet specializes in asset remarketing and sell used computer and network equipment at wholesale discounted prices to secondary market buyers. Our clients range from large businesses, corporations, manufacturers, retailers and distributors facing maintenance, life-cycle management issues and removal of new and used excess equipment.

We Buy and Sell Asset Liquidations

Our inventory comes to us from corporate customers, closing businesses, schools, government agencies, retailers and consumer electronic stores. We are not a retail store front for individual sales. Liquidation equipment is available for viewing by appointment only.

Business asset liquidation, large and small of excess and obsolete. iNet liquidates new, used, PC workstations, networking equipment, servers end of life PC hardware. Serving distressed firm's or going out of business stock, downsizing excess and obsolete inventory electronics as a nationwide liquidator. We will buy most corporate off-lease computers, used laptops, desktops, servers, used networking hardware and much more. Sell us your computer inventory.

iNet Expert

Is your organization looking to dispose of outdated IT equipment? Are you closing a business or office? Consider recycling, selling or liquidating your used surplus computers. iNet Expert has proven experience in the liquidation and remarketing datacenter equipment. When a client needs to upgrade new computing equipment and dispose of overstocked or obsolete computer hardware; we make the process effortless and quick.

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