Our remarketing program utilizes iNet's 10 years of experience and extensive vendor network. This program allows you to generate maximum revenue from end of life electronics which still retain value above the commodity level. Working IT Assets are tested and evaluated; those electronics deemed suitable are then made available for reuse in our secure in-house resale bid system.

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Liquidate Assets

We are infrastructure asset liquidation specialists. It is easy to specialize in commodities like PCs or laptops, but liquidation goes further: our team members are experts at liquidating a broad range of assets, including: network equipment, servers, test equipments.
Need to schedule a pick-up of your old electronics? Fill out the request form or contact our offices.

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iNet liquidates new, used, PC workstations, networking equipment, servers end of life PC hardware. Serving distressed firm's or going out of business stock, downsizing excess and obsolete inventory electronics as a nationwide liquidator. We will buy most corporate off-lease computers, used laptops, desktops, servers, used networking hardware and much more. Sell us your computer inventory.

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Asset Management

iNet provides infrastructure asset recovery, e-waste recycling, and data destruction services that go above and beyond what other companies in the industry offer. Over the past decade we have become one of the largest companies providing these services in the nation. Companies large and small have come to rely on our professional teams, advanced resources, and flexible services to handle the asset recovery.

Data Security

Whether you’re sending computers to the recycling center for destructive recycling or donating them to charity, it’s essential that all sensitive data be removed completely. Even PCs that are being moved from one part of a business to another should be cleaned up, since not all data belongs in all departments of a business.

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What do we recycle?

Computers CPUs
Bridges and hubs
Fax machines
Copy machines
Telecommunications components
IT components
Cell sites and Cell phones
PC boards from various industries
Reverse logistics
New and old components